3-D Work

Incarnation of Iron Oxide - 2022
Fibre, stone, rust, found object
detail of Iron Oxidedetail of Iron OxideIncarnation of Water - 2022
Bottles, phentex, tulips, waterIncarnation of Silica - 2022
Fibre, salvaged canvas, steel, ceramic, glass, plasticdetail of Silica Incarnation of Fructose - 2022
Fibre, felt, twice-thrifted wicker Copper Green Table - 2020
Stoneware, glaze
Copper Green Cube - 2020
Stoneware, glaze
Incarnation of Lead - 2022
Fibre, salvaged textile, acrylic paintIncarnation of Cellulose - 2022
Fibre, cardboard, paper, burlap, branches, wasp nestdetail of CelluloseSalted Root - 2020
Plastic, cardboard
Hold On - 2020
Wool, branches
Crochet Shoes - 2022
Phentex, reclaimed boot soles
Crocodile Tears - 2022
Fibre, stone, plastic, salvaged bike parts, key
detail of Crocodile Tears